We’ve added a set of Site Accelerator Tools into your Website Control Panel to help you to comfortably enhance the overall functionality of your web sites. You won’t need to enhance anything at all within the back–end code or come up with special configurations that demand specialized comprehension from you. Inside the Website Control Panel, simply select the tool you would like to make use of – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached and set up an instance for it. It is all carried out with a click of the mouse. By speeding up your websites, you will not only prevent your customers from being required to hold but can even help your website climb high in search results.

You will find the Site Accelerator Tools inside the Advanced Resources area of the Website Control Panel.


RAM–saving as a substitute for database requests

The Memcached tool is good for increasing site loading speeds by storing the data–base data that is inquired by your website visitors. It is a robust distributed memory caching platform, allowing for information and objects to be memorized within the RAM as an alternative for getting requested whenever a person visits a website.

This tool is great for your data–base–driven sites or web apps where your visitors dedicate a lot of time exploring and checking out information. Memcached can be found in the advanced resources area of the Website Control Panel.

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RAM–caching as an alternative for HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish website accelerator application built into the Website Control Panel, you may make your web site pages load more rapidly for your customers. All adjustments are made via a simple to use interface, without having to generate any kind of direct adjustments to the program code of your website.

Varnish is really an HTTP accelerator that will help the web pages load more quickly by storing them in the server memory. This way, right after a page has already been loaded by a customer once, it won’t need to be delivered by the server anymore, which actually lowers website loading times and quickens your web pages. It has been proved that Varnish in most cases accelerates delivery times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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Make adaptable web apps without any difficulty

Node.js supplies an advanced coding platform for creating adaptable applications and websites in a short time span. It may be utilized for just about anything – from dealing with API queries, streaming documents in addition to parsing emails to converting pictures, music files, video clips and office docs.

It is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and utilizes an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light and useful. In addition, Node.js possesses a large supporting community that produces constant improvements for the program and is constantly willing to assist.

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