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At CSR Web Hosting, we offer a large selection of TLDs! You can choose from more than 50 different domain name extensions for your websites! Nonetheless, not many TLDs are really the same concerning popularity, registration specifications and supported capabilities. There are TLDs that tend to be more repeatedly registered as opposed to others, and a few involve additional details at sign up. The largest amount of TLDs can be registered for a period of one to 10 years, and some need to be registered for a one–year period only. Learn more about the domain names sold at CSR Web Hosting and their particulars from the table underneath:

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TLD Registrar-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period Single registration
.com yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $13.50
.net yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $16.05
.org yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $14.50
.info yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $23.00
.biz yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years $20.00
.us yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $9.95
.co yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-5 years $33.00
.cn no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.50 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.50 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.50 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years $17.50

Domain Lock - This function will let you lock your current domain name and block just about any eventual attempts for unwanted transfer. The registrar lock option isn’t maintained by all TLDs so check with the TLD info table prior to registering a domain.

Domain Transfer Services - Whenever you transfer a domain name to CSR Web Hosting, 1 year will be added onto its date of expiration. For many domains, an EPP authorization key is needed. It is supplied by the current registrar ahead of the transfer operation is initiated. Even though many providers have got special costs for domain transfer, with CSR Web Hosting, the transfer prices are identical to the registration price!

Edit WHOIS Info - If you’d like to modify the registration info on your domain, it can be done through the Edit WHOIS functionality within the Domain Manager.

Whois Privacy Protection Service - Cover the openly available WHOIS data of one’s domain in minutes using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service! Also, we provide you with the best deal end prices!

Domain Registration Period - The minimum time period for registering a TLD is dependent upon its registry policies. Almost all TLDs such as .com and .net could be registered only for 1–10 years, and domains just like allow for a 2–year period of registration only.

Minimum TLD Registration Period - A large number of TLDs have a minimal registration period of 12 months.

Notes - Here are stated all unique registration demands per TLD, in case there are such.

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